Friday, September 23, 2011

Our 3rd Birthday / Open Studio October 15th

Hey wow! We're turning 3?! Am I the only one who feels like the last 3 years have flown past? Geee...

So it turns out that October is filled with birthday parties, (including a VERY special birthday party for my VERY special business partner *cough*turning30*cough*) so instead of throwing yet another bash just for I&S, we thought we really ought to act our age & have a lovely sedate luncheon/open studio.

Well we are 3 now, after all.


*posh voice*

Lara & I cordially invite you to attend our
on Saturday
the 15th DAY of October
11am - 1pm

in our beloved studio at 206/10 Elizabeth St, Kensington

There will be a printing demonstration at 11:30, then we shall break for tea, cucumber sandwiches, champagne, civilised conversation and CAKE!

How delightful.

*end posh voice*

So please come along to help us celebrate - I plan on making Lara wear a party hat, it'll be worth coming just for that..

xx Teegs


Unknown said...

Congratulations on turning three! (and thirty)

Bianca said...

the last 3 years HAVE flown past.. Congrats on another year lovelies!