Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Despite having a list as long as my arm of other things to blog about, I have to tell you about these now now NOW because it's just so darn exciting.

We just put some three fabric bundles in the shop!!!

Three fabric bundle - Red Orange

How did it take us so long to get around to doing this? Good question! It's not exactly rocket science.

Three fabric bundle - Green

They're all cute and colour co-ordinated and everything. Each piece measures 47cm x 47cm - perfect for cushion covers, small craft projects or even quilts. Go snap one up :)

Three fabric bundle - Blue

Yay :)



melli said...

wanted say hi and i'm a huge fan of your work..your fabric are just gorgeous xx

Hot Fudge said...

I too am a fan of your work and am the proud owner of a bundle of your gorgeous fabrics - I can't bear to cut into them!

emiti said...

Fabulous! Love it. I always say why have one when you can have three. It's like me and mint slices.

:) Kim

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your fabrics - so much potential! I am a huge fan, wish i lived in Melbs so i could come visit. As a printmaker I'm currenly exploring fabric printing and pattern repeats and I aim to have a company as inspiring and grounded as you one day. Happy creating x Lydia x

julie (etsy stalkers) said...

wow - these fabrics are amazing!!! if only i could sew :(

Clare said...

Great idea! - Love the blog, keep up the good work! :-)

katie walker said...

so cute!! i love all your fabric!!

Annie said...

Love 'em you rocket scientists you!