Thursday, August 5, 2010

New fabrics!!!

Possibly the most exciting reason to return from holidays - we've printed some new fabrics!!

It's so exciting to see something from your head turn into something real, which is particularly the case with this new two colour version of our Kangaroo Paw print. Being a print of such a large scale, I wanted to come up with a texture to print in the background so it would work well in smaller pieces. And then Harvest came along, with Lara Davies' gorgeous dashes print, and we worked together to adapt it for yardage. Yay!

Here's the first couple of colourways we've done, each with the Dashes print available on it's own as a complimentary. All available in the shop right now :)

Kangaroo Paw in Red Orange and Snow

'Dashes' in Snow

Kangaroo Paw in Charcoal and Teal

'Dashes' in Teal

And then last but not least... we recently got some of our GOTS certified organic cotton dyed in a gorgeous charcoal colour, and so we present Rooftops in Black on Charcoal. Yay! We love how this turned out, and figure maybe it might even be deemed suitable for the man in your life ;)

Rooftops in Black on Charcoal

We'd love to hear what you think, and if there's any other colourways you'd like to see :)



Renae said...

I usually lean toward teal, but I have to admit the Kangaroo Paw in Red Orange and Snow is pretty special!

The rooftops look great on charcoal.
I like them all!

Jesse said...

Oh my, the charcoal and teal is lovely. It immediately made me think of being outside at the crack of dawn on a chilly morning - hang on,that sounds awful! Um... a clear, crisp winter morning? Anyway, I love it!

Jenny Butler said...

They all look lovely ladies! I really like the depth that the dashes add to the kangeroo paw.

[Hope you both had a great break!]

Jacinta said...

WOW, I love both colourways of the kangaroo paw.... beautiful!
I have a gift voucher, I should use it!!! :)

elizabeth barnett said...

These are beautiful! I can't wait to see them for real.

sara : 5 o'clock crows said...

I love the Kangaroo Paw! One of my favorite things about hand printed fabric is the layering of the ink when you put pattern on pattern. Gorgeous!

Vintage Home said...

...I must say...when our daughter comes to Australia this sept I are hoping she can pick me up a little something from you!

Vintage Home said...

...woops...didn't finish!...I am hoping she will purchase some yardage for pillows!...Love your stuff

Bellgirl said...

Oooh lovely! Red is my favorite colour and I love the kangaroo paws especially!

india flint said...

gorgeous prints!

tiel said...

oh I'm going to have to get me some of that Teal.....beautiful girls.

Danielle said...

Ooh - it's been a while since I've looked on here - the Kangaroo paw in Red Orange and Snow reminds me of my winter break to Tasmania - went out for a lovely bush walk and got snowed on! Perfect print ladies!