Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teegs' Bday goodness

We're a little bit behind with this birthday blogpost...

I'll let the pictures show the story ;)

Teegs' birthday - mmm cerveza
Cerveza's to start us off

Teegs' birthday - ooh presents!

Teegs' birthday - ooh presents!

Teegs' birthday - wow, a breville wizz!

Teegs' birthday - mmm shiny & red
Welcome Breville Wizz!

Happy Bday Teegs!
We're done with the birthday-a-thon now :)

xx Bee


Andi said...

Happy Birthday.
LOVE the red mixer. My fave colour!!!

nadine said...

Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day ^3^

Rabbit and the Duck said...

Happy Birthday! I am so jealous of your red mixer!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Happy birthday Ms Teegs. You share your birthday with my Mum.

Hope you had a fab day.

Anonymous said...

yay, you got the mix master... Happy Birthday x Bec