Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Designs Finally Released!

OK, so you know they've been coming, but Lace Fans and Geofloral are finally here!! YAY!

Firstly a big thanks so everyone's feedback re both designs, as it really does help us decide whether to go ahead with one or not! We're very glad we did - they're both slightly larger in scale than we are used to doing, which was oddly odd, but we're particularly happy with how beautifully they printed up!

We have limited our colour pallette, so they're each only available in the Shop in four colourways :)

They are the tres classy Charcoal on Black Linen:
geofloral in charcoal in black

the uber chic White on Natural Linen:
lace fans in snow on natural

and two refreshing greens- Olive on Organic Cream:lace fans in olive on cream

geofloral in robins egg on natural

We hope you like them as much as we do!!

We also have a couple of colourways previously-seen-before but back by popular demand!! (See? We really do listen to you guys!!)

They are Birch in a very pretty Honey Gold:
birch in gold

and Blue Wrens in a lovely summery Teal, both on delicious Organic Cotton/Hemp! Yum!
Wrens Teal

On a side note, we had both these prints rolled out on the table yesterday and my goodness do those two colours look a-MAZ-ing together!! I love them! If only I knew how to quilt.. *sigh!

xx Teegs


Michelle said...

Yay! You've got the gold birches back! I won't be so tardy this time.

Love the other new designs - really really beautiful!

Michelle said...

Oh no! Still says the gold birch is sold out! Have I missed it again?

Danielle said...

Deeelish designs Inkies!

mizu designs said...

Adore the geofloral in charcoal on black linen. Heavenly.

Ink and Spindle said...

Hi Michelle - oops!! We forgot to actually put the stock up! It's there now :)

Jacinta said...

The Fans in olive looks really amazing... love it.
Oh and I think I should also wish you Happy Birthday Teegs too! xoxo JacRan & co.

Unknown said...

No way could I pick a favourite , they are all beautiful !

lacadregafenice said...

Hello! Your blog is beautiful and your creations are wonderfull. I always read your posts. Switch to view my blog, you have a prize to be withdrawn

Virginia G said...

The gold birch is amazing! I wish I could come visit your store!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jac the fans in olive are gorgeous.. PS. have finally finished uni so now I am going to create something.. not sure what yet with Lara's rooftops... and will do my best to pop in very soon too for some tea and good company xx