Thursday, April 23, 2009

A hard workin' day at the studio

girls hard at work
Bee, Jac and Teegs hard at work

Today we were blessed with the company of the lovely Jacinta AKA JacRan! She kindly offered to lend a hand if we needed it, so we took her up on her offer in exchange for a yummy lunch and some fabric of her choice to take home. It was fun to have a visitor for the day and some help with folding & packing fabric for the show- thanks again Jacinta!!

Bee decided to document the day with some photos (something we always forget to do). Here's some more pics:

me cutting fabrics
Lara cutting charcoal birch (and trying not to get too much boob in the photo) (Teegs edit: haha, compared to the usual boob levels, mission accomplished!)

teegs prototyping my cushion tute
Teegs prototyping Lara's cushion kit instructions (with Teegs' boyfriend's dog Bella slinking around in the background) 

How about that? Two posts in one day. On both my blogs! A miracle.


Miya said...

you guys are living the life. sigh. wish i took power naps with puppies and spent my day toiling over sewing and printing!! (am in an envious grumpy mood...!) =)

JacRan said...

Awwwwwwww cool girls! You are MOST welcome. Had fun folding & packaging and hanging out. Thank YOU so much. Have a great weekend xo

Spin Spin said...

Great snaps and lordy, bella is growing but still so cute - love that she sleeps with her legs in the air. Dogs are so cool.

PretaPawte said...

such a cute cuddle photo at the end.

I will be posting my finished cushions from the brisbane show on my blog shortly. one down and another to go

Thea said...

You girls are so cute! I hope you had a good time in our town. I wish I had a sofa in my studio to cuddle up and snooze with my dog too.

Tom said...

hahah. busted.

adelle said...

hi guys..
I just stumbled across your blog and saw a picture of Teegs and thought... I know that face!! I went to uni with you in 2006. ACU..

My name's adelle...

Great to see what you're up to now.. not teaching? haha...