Thursday, April 23, 2009

A date with the dressmaker

a date with the dressmaker
Teegs having her winter coat toile fitted by designer Melanie Liertz

A few weeks ago Teegs and I were in the city doing some much needed wardrobe-updating which involved seeking out new boots and jackets to weather the impending, erratic Melbourne winter. It is indeed a well known fact that it is impossible to find the perfect winter jacket when you're looking for it, let alone one that's actually warm enough for cold frogs such as Teegs and myself (Teegs edit: Amen, brother).

Sooo, with Rudd Money on the way, we decided to put it to good use - when it comes to buying local there's nothing like getting a local independent designer to make you an 100% wool, fully lined, tailored jacket.

a date with the dressmaker
Teegs having her winter coat toile fitted by designer Melanie Liertz

Thus ensued a trip to the Nicholas Building to visit (Teegs edit: the very brilliant and spunky) Melanie Liertz, former studio mate of Mattt before he moved to Gertrude St. Teegs' jacket we are referring to as 'The Princess Jacket' as it's all pretty (Teegs edit: you mean 'elegant') and fitted, with lots of layers. Mine is more of a military-cross-duffel jacket but also nice and fitted (Teegs edit: it's totally awesome, and has a hood!).

Teegs edit: one more note on how bril Mel is - I suffer from Idiopathic Scoliosis and as a result, am completely twisty and unsymmetrical. For those of you who have ever made a shirt or anything with a bodice, you know its complicated enough making two sides that match - Mel has had to make every single panel independently, and has spent ages moving seams and adjustiung lengths so that when its on me, I look straight! Which is totally awesome for me, but has meant a ton of extra work of Mel - Thanks Mel!

a date with the dressmaker
My jacket slightly more advanced than Teegs', still trying to perfect the hood

Needless to say we're VERY excited about these (Teegs edit: Hells yes!!). It's the first winter that I'm actually looking forward to. (Teegs edit: Kinda.)


Anna Betts said...

Wow, they look great! I was just chuckling to myself at misreading your last sentence which I though read "Needles to say..." a hilarious sewing pun, my fave!

Lyssy May said...

LOVE the coats! I too am worried about the impending cold and what could be better than having something especially made to combat it - I'm inspired!

One Flew Over said...

Wow - lucky girls!

Jacinta said...

Love Rudd money and LURVE those coats.... they're gonna look fab ... but you knew that. :P

Penny said...

Ooh! I looove yours Lara!

Jesse said...

They're going to be such beautiful coats! I hope we'll get to see some fashion-shooty pics of the finished ones.

Little Snoring said...

Wonderful idea. Why it never occured to me to get one made ?$@%^ I am stumped. But now you have got me thinking. Scary.

Rosalind said...

Very nice ladies. Don't take your coats to Brisvegas - it was a lovely 28 deg there today!

Juddie said...

Just gorgeous! I'd love to look her up .... does she take on commissions from normal (i.e.: non-designer/fabric star) peeps?