Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Say hello to Caitlin's fabrics - and a little sale!

The Ink & Spindle shop is looking nicely stocked at the moment with the addition of some of Caitlin's fabrics from her previous label pippijoe! Some of these designs/colourways will become part of our ongoing collection, others will only be available until they run out. We'd love to hear which ones you like most!

To celebrate these new additions we'd love to offer you a 15% discount off all of our meterage - yay! Simply use the code "hello_pippijoe" at the checkout, valid till next Wednesday 12th March. Here's a snapshot of what's available:

Buds in Black

Laundry Birds in Black

Pebbles in Powder

Waterhen in Ocean

Shells in Honey

Ficus in Caramel

Daisies in Red

Orchard in Red

xx Lara & Caitlin


Handmade By Design said...

I totally love the birds on the line. I have used them in my clutch and clip purses and they are very popular :O)

Tharvey said...

It's so nice to see these Pippijoe prints again! I remember them from years ago.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Orchard is one of my absolute favourites. Hope it si a keeper.

Merry-Go-Round Handmade said...

I have always loved Pippijoe prints.
Favourites are:
Laundry Birds in Black.
Ficus in Caramel.
Daisies in Red.
I'm looking forward to the partnership of wonderful designs/prints.

Belinda said...

Hi! Is the sale until Wednesday 19th, or Friday 21st? You've said above Wednesday 21th...!

Belinda said...

Oops, just commented on the wrong post! I sadly just realised that I missed the sale because my offline blog reader had saved this blog post where the sale date ended on "Wednesday March 21th". :-(

Lara said...

Hi Belinda!

So sorry for the confusion, I had a moment of baby brain and wrote 21th instead of 12th! But if you drop us an email we can give you a special promo code to make up for it :)