Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Landscape Quilt - now with full sized photos!

We're had great response to the launch of our new Landscape Quilt design - thanks guys! We'd love to see a photo of your finished quilt if you take one!

Meanwhile, we had a few requests for photos of the quilts full size, so here they are! These are a couple that we made up in the studio, but of course you're welcome to pick whatever prints you like :)

The Landscape Quilt in Blues & Greens

The Landscape Quilt in Mustard, Neutral & Greylead

xx Lara.


Jo said...

I have just finished my Landscape Quilt and I love it- you can see the photos here
Thanks for designing such lovely fabrics and a great quilt kit.

Vada said...

This is cool!