Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Introducing - The Landscape Quilt!

The Landscape Quilt in Blues & Greens - Photo by Sean Fennessey

Hi everyone, we've got something new and exciting to announce. Say hello to our latest quilt design, The Landscape Quilt! This one has been a long time in the making; our aim was to design a quilt with a beautiful organic layout, which is still very easy to put together and most importantly you get to pick all the fabrics (you won't find any readymade 'kits' this time!)

The finished size is approx 140cm x 170cm. It sits nicely on top of a queen or double sized bed, or on a single bed if you'd like it to drape over the sides. It also makes for a great wrap-yourself-up-on-the-couch quilt, perfect for the impending winter months :)

If you'd like to make one, here's what you need to do:

1) Buy the super easy to follow instructions from our online store.
2) Browse our medium weight textiles and pick out 8 fabrics you like that go nicely together (1 unit of each).
3) Pick some plain fabric for the binding (or buy readymade binding from a store)
4) Get some batting and backing fabric (we recommend this poplin from Organature)
5) Have fun sewing!

It's pretty much a foolproof design, good for the beginner quilter. Although the design looks quite organic there's a specific template to follow, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. And with instructions jointly written by ourselves and the wonderful Suzie Fry, you'll be in good hands.

Below are a couple of colourways we put together in the studio if you need inspiration!

The Landscape Quilt in Blues & Greens

The Landscape Quilt in Blues & Greens

The Landscape Quilt in Mustard, Neutral & Greylead

The Landscape Quilt in Mustard, Neutral & Greylead

The Landscape Quilt in Mustard, Neutral & Greylead


Leanne said...

Your fabrics are lovely and the pattern, as much as I can see is looking good. However, as a quilter, I would not buy a pattern unless I could see a photo of the whole quilt lying flat. You might consider adding such a photo.

mizu designs said...

They both rock but I'm particularly fond of the mustard colourway!

Michelle said...

Is it possible to see a photo of the whole quilt? Looks lovely from what Ive seen but I'd love to see a flat shot.

Ink and Spindle said...

Hi Leanne & Michelle, thanks for the comments and good suggestion! We've taken some photos of the quilts full sized which you can see here:


Kels said...

These quilts are lovely! I like both colorways (although once I saw the mustard one, I fell in love with it quite a bit). Plus, you've designed and printed each of the fabrics. I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

What are the dimensions of this quilt? Is the pattern available for purchase for a queen or king sized bed?