Friday, July 27, 2012


The shoot - location courtesy of Manysquaremetres

DMT is one of the few events of the year that gives us a swift kick up the proverbial to get things done. All those pesky creative things on our to-do list like "design new prints" and "upholster some chairs" and "do a proper photo shoot". Most days we just tend to find ourselves pushing the squeegee around and using MYOB and replying to emails. And more emails.

So, we're pretty darn excited to finally show you a bit of newness. Prints, cushions, furniture - all captured with some pretty photos. Fun times!

Introducing three new textile prints (that's right, three!). Grevillea Superb, Watercolour Stripe and Blockprint.

New prints on cushions

Grevillea in Mustard 60cm cushion (ceramics by Abby Seymour)

Blockprint 45cm cushions

Here they are as meterage in the shop (now with added spiel!):

Grevillea Superb

Grevillea Superb in Portello

Grevillea Superb in Mustard & Greylead

The spiel: Drawn from life and enlarged in scale, the Grevillea design was conceived when Tegan picked these stems from her front garden on the way to work one morning. Both colours in this design are printed from a single screen - the second colour is printed with the screen rotated 180 degrees and offset by half a repeat.

Watercolour Stripe

Watercolour Stripe in Toffee

Watercolour Stripe in Moss

The spiel: Watercolour stripe is all about celebrating texture and process. Painted watercolour stripes have been scanned, halftoned and enlarged, resulting in a textural print that is beautiful both at a distance and up close. Both colours have been printed from a single screen, with a 180 degree rotation.


Blockprint in Juniper

Blockprint in Persimmon

The spiel: Blockprint pays homage to one of the most simple yet satisfying forms of printmaking - the lino print. Cut, printed, scanned, then turned into a screen, Blockprint combines the beautiful irregularities of linoprinting with the precision of screenprinting.

Hope you like!

xx Lara & Teegs.


leslie said...


Jacinta said...

Oh my gosh. am loving grevillea!!! absolutely gorgeous ... great colours .

Marnie Louanne said...

OMG I absolutely LOVE! Lara it was so nice meeting you at DMT and I must say, I came home and got my butt into gear, sending new designs to be exposed ready for printing this weekend!!!

Penny said...

Portello the soft drink?! I am having major soda stream flashbacks right now. I love love love these fabrics, and I have a special armchair that used to be my grandma's with the crustiest cushions ever, and these might be perfect?

Also, awesome photography!


Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Your Grevillea Superb is just that - superb!
Love it!
Now ... what can I do with it to justify a purchase .....

Alicia said...

My gosh, I love grevilleas, and was wondering if you'd ever do a print of them. They're gorgeously big! Next up banksias?

Julie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love your protea print too.

Översättaren said...

Love your pillows!