Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The great basecloth drought... (and a cancelled Open Studio)

Oh how we wish our shelves looked like this again...

Hey everyone, hope your chilly Melbourne week is travelling along nicely :)

If you've visited our online shop lately you might have noticed that there's a serious lack of stock in there. And that's because our damn basecloth supply issues are still dragging on and we still don't have any of the cream basecloth to print on! Number #1 lesson learn - don't depend on one supplier! Which is much easier said than done when you have pretty specific environmental and ethical requirements like we do.

Aaaanyway, the good news is that it'll definitely be here in about two weeks, and in about 3-4 weeks we'll have our stock in the shop again. So please be patient with us and know that everything will be back soon!

The other bad news is that we're cancelling our Open Studio on June 18th. Partly because we have hardly any stock in the studio to sell you, and also because Teegs is away that weekend and we can't do a printing demo. But the August one will still definitely be on :)

Thanks again for your patience guys!

xx Lara & Teegs.


Unknown said...

I hope you can find another supplier that meets your stringent ethical requirements. It would be awful to have to compromise should something happen to your current supplier.

Tiges and Weince said...

Its a bugger that, I have been in that situation before having 1 supplier. Maybe time to look for a back up. I love your work its beautiful. Kylie

maria said...

Good luck finding new sources (and maybe some yummy new fabric). A lot of organic / sustainable fabrics that I could buy last year are no longer available / out of stock. It's very frustrating -- I hope your search / wait is not too long, your work is amazing!!

Maja said...

I love your fabrics! Do you ever ship overseas, specifically South Africa? I was thinking of buying some cushion covers (without the stuffing). Let me know. Maja