Friday, April 1, 2011

Finders Keepers March '11

Hello friends!

Gosh, I feel like I haven't written a proper post in FOREVER.. so much stuff has been happening in our world for the last ohhhhh.. 12 months, it hasn't left much time to devote to lengthy & hilarious blog writing.

Anyways. Finders Keepers!

Photograph by Sean Fennessy

What a totally rad weekend. Usually when we do a big design market it's an epic production. Eg: up at a chilly 5 or 6am, bump in/build stall, talk & smile constantly (you get a sore face, guys) um... (ok, the talking constantly we can do, but the smiling for 7 hours straight? Hard work), trying to not hit the wall at 3pm, having waaaaay too much coffee/lollies/chocolate, escaping from the stall for a moment of quietude/shopping, pack down & bump out, not forgetting anything, drive back to the studio & unload all our stuff...

See what I mean? Epic production. Not that I'm complaining, it's just a lot of energy to expel in one 18hr stint.

Photograph by Pip
Hey looky! It's us. Sneaky shot, Pip. Veeeeeeery sneaky.. ;)

So, FK was great! Bumped in on Friday, rocked up at a VERY civilised 9:15am on Saturday, met a bunch of ace people (thank you if you were one of the ones who introduced yourself!), saw/hung out with a heap of old friends/familiar faces from Indy Design Land, shopped (my how we shopped), ate Mr Nice Guy cupcakes & Taco Truck taco's, had visits from heaps of lovely friends, sold out of stuff, repeated it all on Sunday, then did a lovely quick pack down & bump out on Sunday!

It was most pleasing & almost (almost!) relaxed. It was definitely the least stressful one we've ever done. Thanks Finders Keepers!!

Photograph by Sean Fennessy
Lara says "yaysies!"

One thing we didn't do was take photo's. (Well, except for the iphone ones we posted on our FB page) So instead I'm stealing some pics from FK, Lucy, Pip & Dawn :)

Photograph by Sean Fennessy
Nat from Rebound & I making friends IRL! #veganpride

Photograph by Dawn Tan
Random small-Melbs-world fact: Emily is the partner of one of my colleagues from back in my high school teacher days! Great to see their lovely faces again :)

Photograph by Dawn Tan
We love you Anna!

Photograph by Lucy
Rebound <3!

Photograph by Dawn Tan
Omg, Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes! Only my fav thing at the entire market. Zombie BRAINZ! *drool!*

Photograph by Pip
TACOS! So, so, SO good.

xx Teegs

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