Friday, July 2, 2010

New & exciting [...and maybe a little bit scary]

Hey guess what? There's some new stuff in our online shop! That hasn't happened in quite some time! We've released a gorgeous new colourway called almond, and also some new prints on Canvas/Upholstery weight basecloths. Yay!

And it's just the beginning. Over at the Ink & Spindle HQ we're clearing our slate to make time for new things. New designs, new colourways. It won't happen straight away, but we'll get there!

One somewhat momentous decision that's facilitating this ambition is to cease offering yardage printing as a service to other designers. So we'll still be printing for our existing customers (like Nancy Bird and Knuffle Kid!) but we won't be taking on any new print jobs.

It's a kind of scary decision because it essentially means saying 'no' to work. We're going to be investing more creative time into the business whilst still scraping together an income for ourselves as self sufficient women. Note: just because we're on the Martha Stewart blog doesn't mean we've "hit the big time" and have orders coming out the wazoo! ;)

So yes, that's what's on the cards over here and we hope you love what's to come.

Hey look - it's a new print!! We'll be releasing new colourways in this print soon, but here's the first of many!

We're very excited to start printing more designs on upholstery weight fabrics, and we've just sourced a really gorgeous, soft 100% hemp canvas to add to our range. We love it!

xx Lara.


Andi said...

Well done girls.
On to bigger and better things!!

Fer said...

No one can blame you for saying 'no' to work. You have to be able to maintain a healthy balance or else you'll go potty! :D

Isabella Golightly said...

I love those upholstery/home dec weight fabrics, just gorgeous!

ambette said...

Sensible business decision if you ask me (on the not doing printing for other designers). You've got to have time to come up with fresh new stuff if you want your business to grow, so I say well done - it might be a hard decision to say no to work, but I think it's the best decision and will be worth it in the end.

jess - shelf / life said...

i am in LOVE with the almond colour and the kangaroo paw on tamarillo! beautiful stuff ladies :)

x jess

Renae said...

I love the almond! I hope you enjoy focusing more on the creative side!

Unknown said...

A good business is one that can accommodate change and I think this is a good decision for two very talented and creative women. I'm sure you'll succeed in all that you have so far :)

JoeyNomad said...

I love the almond colour - it's really really lovely!

Jenny said...

Exciting news indeed. You will do wonderfully!

And who knows, it may encourage other people to do yardage printing, and just spread the printing love!