Monday, June 7, 2010

Dusty Pink Birch chair

Dusty Pink Birch chair
Lisa's Dusty Pink Birch chair

Oooooh, look at this piece of gorgeousness that Lisa from Duckcloth had reupholstered! Take one $3.50 ebay chair plus some Dusty Pink Birch and voila. A chair for her baby daughter's room.

Dusty Pink Birch chair
Lisa's Dusty Pink Birch chair

I looooove seeing our fabrics used for upholstery purposes. Which is why we're working on a new upholstery/heavy weight range. Oooooooh!

The Dusty Pink Birch fabric is currently available exclusively from Duckcloth.



Annie said...

W O W ! ! I Love it!

Andi said...

Upholstery weight I&S???
I'm ready!!!

Nikki said...

I'm in love. Seriously.

Jacinta said...

oooooooohh lovely chair and lucky little girl.
I hope your sewing fabric range is coming soon too? Hanging out for that! :)

Fer said...


Dana said...

yes, sold on the pink! x

Lisa said...

Thanks for the lovely mention. It's my current favourite!

Leigha said...

Uphostery weight fabric?!?! Yay, yay, yay! You have just made this interior designer swoon with baited breath.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney said...

That chair is nice.