Monday, December 1, 2008

MDM, skirts and a masterpiece

So it's post Melbourne Design Market, as you know, and we're all still spinning a bit, exhausted and achy.
Seriously, my right leg hurts like crazy! The left one is fine tho..? Weird, but hey, I've never claimed to have grown from the normal tree ;)
There was a lot of midnight oil burning in the lead up to the MDM - including on market eve. The studio witnessed much last minute packaging, pricing, packing and even sewing! I think I finished lovely Lara's luscious 'Ginkgo' wrap skirt (see previous post) just after 12pm! Bianca's 'Bloem' wrap and mine were finished a bit earlier that evening. Totally worth it though, so many people commented on them to each of us, and is was great wearing our own designs, too!

(On that note, the Wrap Skirt sewing pattern will be available in the shop tomorrow, so help yourself if you're feeling inspired!)

Now, it's really fabulous to 'meet' so many lovely people through this crazy medium, and it even becomes more fabulous (fabulouser?) when they make our fabrics into fantastic things and email us their awesome handiwork!
Here is Heids' latest masterpiece, made for Miss Grace's 3rd Birthday Party! We hope you both had a great day!!

Miss Grace modeling her blue 'Briar' party dress - too cute for words!


Jacqueline said...

That's so cute! I've been sitting looking at my little bundle of this fabric musing away to myself about what to do with it. Of course it would help if I could sew...

Andrea Radley said...

This is such a great blog. I have recommended it to students and teachers of screenprinting and studio textiles. It is very interesting to see what is involved in setting up your business.

KG said...

i love your designs! I have a quick question: what kind of ink do you use? I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog today :)

Lara said...

Hi Karuna!

Sorry for the slow response! We used water based, solvent free inks by Permaset :)