Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Living and breathing craft

We've been crafting like crazy ladies these last few weeks preparing for our upcoming markets - the Kensington 3031 market (this Saturday!!) and the Melbourne Design Market (Sunday 30th).

Here's the Kensi market flyer:

Here's some of what we've been making:

Lamps of all shapes and sizes.

Stacks of cushions

And heaps of fabric packs and kits for our fellow crafty folk out there - yay!

Please come down and say hello. If you don't catch us this Saturday maybe we'll see you the following Sunday at the Melbourne Design Market.


Spin Spin said...

Looking great! Love the ladders and those lampshades are fab :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks incredible Lara! It's so satisfying to see that beautifully crafted pieces are alive and thriving in this modern world.
Best wishes to all,

Heids said...

Hope it all went well today girls.

Hannah Nunn said...

I love your lamps...well actually i love all that you do. Your fabrics are really beautiful and refreshing...but it is always lamps that I'm drawn to as I make them myself. I will add them to my blog as I blog about lighting!

got any pics of them lit??