Sunday, September 7, 2008

loving ebay

While I was relaxing on the great ocean road and Teegs and Lara got a lot of work done...Lara realised that the kitchenette we had our eye on, on ebay, was about to expire.
We had been spying on this little beauty for a while and were loving we really needed a kitchenette for our studio. We quickly decided on a maximum bid and voila! The cute ikea sink is ours...

Lara had arranged a van (Thanks so much Tom!) and we went to pick up the kitchenette on the other side of town on Friday. It was a lovely day, perfect to pick up a - super heavy - kitchen unit. The seller helped us getting it into the van and off we were, to the studio. Now it was up to us to carry the beast up, we managed to get it up to the first floor but were totally exhausted and couldn't carry it any further.

Lucky for us there was an electrician in the building and we could 'borrow' his muscles. He was more than happy to help us carry it up one more level...super proud of us that we already managed to get it up one level. Thanks!
So this beauty is now part of the ink & spindle kitchen area :)

Of course we were really hungry after all the hard work, so we were off to the local cafe for a yummie lunch.
And this is just something I have to share with you...the view of our building walking back from the cafe. This building just makes me smile every time I walk to the studio... still can't believe we actually have a studio in such a stunning building.


Bellgirl said...

Ooh, kitchen loveliness (sighs rather wistfully)! I like the colour of the doors. I also love the facade of your building, what an inspiring place to come to work. Or was that where the kitchen unit came from?

Unknown said...

Ebay is the best place to pick up cool stuff. I often use yahoo auctions Japan to get Japanese artwork.

h~ said...

Lookin forward to a launch party in that space :)

Anonymous said...