Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Fabrics Up!

Yay! We have some shiny new fabrics up in our shop! I have two new designs: Antique Keys, seen in two colour prints and a half print, and Wrens.

We'd love to get some feedback from you! Let us know if there are any colourways you would really love to see in either print, and we'll try to accomodate :)

Hope you like!


Heids said...

Ha ha - like the Edward colourway.

Anonymous said...

I love what your printing. I wish I could come visit and just watch you make - or even help! :-) How do your prices translate into America?

Simmone said...

The fabrics are just stunnig Teegs, I particularly love Antique keys in Cupcake....but Edward has a certain evening charm too!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the antique keys & wren Teegs! Will definitely be getting some soon.
I found out about I&S late last year and have enjoyed reading and following along with the experience. Absolutely ADORE all of the fabric you three gals have done. I bought Lara's Birch trees and made it into a canvas print (thinking of sewing it into a cushion now...)
Just wanted to say how inspiring all your work is and if you ever need a personal slave at the studio - I'm your woman! (I make a mean biscotti!)

lisa :: the red thread said...

The wrens in charcoal is beautiful! Love it.