Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Preparing our table surface

... including lots of fun and giggles...and lots of glue...


Danielle said...

Ooh how exciting! Looks awesome!

Tanya said...

oooohh..thats looks sooo good...exactly like our table at uni which btw is supposed to be one of the best print facilities...:)so you guys are nothing less than the best!!!good luck!

Tanya said...

hi again..thanks for the reply:)and I think our table at uni might be padded..bcoz theres the first layer which is just board and then i think its some sort of padding and over that is like a stiff-ish canvas layer and then our calico backing cloths!

Heids said...

This is just getting soooo exciting...I can't wait 'til you guys are up and running. Keep up the updates!

mizu designs said...

You girls are so inspiring! Great news on the table completion.

Alicia said...

I can't wait until you guys are up, but in the mean time I love following how businesses begin. I love your blog, and today I featured you on mine. I hope you don't mind I used one of your photos to talk about you!

Unknown said...

Are you guys going to have a stall at market3031 now that you are officially locals?

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

It's really coming together now!

Little Jane St said...

What a great story this is to follow!! - I am really enjoying watching all the progress. Very inspiring. Loving that red kitchenette you found.

Melissa G said...

It is exciting seeing this studio come together for you. In fact you inspired me to do the same with the set up of my baby's room.

I look forward to seeing more news from you guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Teegs:

Yesterday I've got the Samples of your beautiful Prints... Gosh They Are SOOOO Beautiful I hope One Day I can have donde something like that .
I have a few questions:
I hope it doesn't Bother you,
How do you Prepare the Surface of the Table, I mean , Are you Just Painting it ? or there is some kind of glue?
Why The Fabric?

and the Most important question ,
Here in Chile is extremely difficult to find a supplier for almost everything for screen Printing, and I want to start with My own Workshop.
could you please let me know , where Did you sent to make your "Stops"?

Thank you Very Much Girls

Because of people like you,
People Like me can go a step Further.

Thank you !